Reschedule Your Exam

To reschedule an exam or test for students currently registered with Student Accessibility Services, follow these steps.
  1. Contact your course instructor for permission to reschedule the exam or test. Please note that permission to reschedule is at the discretion of the course instructor and is not guaranteed. Scheduling is dependent on space availability. If you have been corresponding with your course instructor by e-mail and have confirmation of their approval to reschedule, you may upload, attach or send a copy of the e-mail as an electronic signature from the course instructor.
  2. If permission is granted by your instructor, complete and submit a signed Alternate Exam/Test Rescheduling Request at least five (5) business days in advance of the rescheduled exam/test date.
  3. Review the Policies and Procedures for writing your rescheduled exam/test.
* Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Adobe Acrobat to fill out the online form in your browser or save it and open with Adobe Acrobat. Note: If you are requesting to reschedule an exam/test as a religious accommodation, ensure that you check the box located on the top of the form. Information regarding religious observance policy and accommodation can be found in the York Courses Website. If you are submitting a request to write an exam or test on a date that falls after the Faculty deadlines for submission of deferred final grades, you must petition for deferred standing through your home Faculty. In this circumstance, submit an Alternate Exam/Test Rescheduling Request Form only if your petition is granted.