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Alternate Test/Exam Scheduling is open to accommodate students to write tests and exams for classes that are being held in-person. The online request form opens on Monday, January 9 and closes for Winter term requests on Monday, March 20.

Courses that are delivered remotely or a blend of in-person and remote with testing being delivered through an online format will be accommodated by your course instructors. Please request your Letter of Accommodations as soon as possible to ensure your instructor has the necessary information to make all adjustments in the online format.

Deadlines for submissions of requests for the Fall 2022 Term

There is a 3-week deadline for submitting accommodation requests to write in-person tests and exams in the Alternate Exam Centre.
For example:

TermDate of testSubmit request by


Monday, January 9 – Monday, April 10

3 weeks before test date


Monday, January 9 – Monday, April 10

3 weeks before test date

W & Y

Wednesday, April 12 – Thursday, April 27 (Official Exam Period)

No later than Monday, March 20

You can submit all of your accommodation requests at the beginning of the term when you receive the syllabus for your course(s).